City Council Meeting - 3/4/2015

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  • Moment of Silence and Reflection

  • Pledge of Allegiance / Roll Call

  • Native Plant Week

  • Oral Communications

  • Consent Calendar

  • FINAL CITY COUNCIL ACTION PLAN REPORT FOR 2013-2014 - Request Council receive and file the final status report of the two-year City Council Action Plan for 2013 and 2014.

    Consent Calendar Item 7

  • SOUTH ESCONDIDO BOULEVARD / QUINCE STREET AREA PLAN (PHG 15-0003) - Request Council approve authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to execute a consulting agreement and scope of services with CityPlace Planning for a fixed fee not to exceed $156,230 to prepare an Area Plan for the combined South Quince Street, South Escondido Boulevard and Centre City Parkway Target Areas.

    Consent Calendar Item 8

  • OAK CREEK PROJECT ANNEXATION, TENTATIVE SUBDIVISION MAP, PRELIMINARY, MASTER AND PRECISE DEVELOPMENT PLAN, PRE-ZONE, GRADING EXEMPTIONS, SPECIFIC ALIGNMENT PLAN AND FINAL ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT REPORT (SUB 13-0002, PHG 13-0017, ENV 13-0006) - Request Council approve a Tentative Subdivision Map for 65 single-family residential lots on a 37.59-acre property in conjunction with annexation of the development site and three additional parcels. The project would prezone the residential development site to Planned Development - Residential 1.75 (1.75 dwelling units/acre) while the remaining annexation area on the eastern side of Miller Avenue would be prezoned RE-20 (Residential Estates - 20,000 SF minimum lot size). A Preliminary, Master and Precise Development Plan has been included for the development site to implement residential lot clustering and residential lot sizes ranging from approximately 10,000 SF to 22,500 SF with the average residential lot size being 12,585 SF. Two Grading Exemptions are requested for a 2:1 cut slope up to 35 feet high and a 2:1 fill slope up to 17 feet high. The project also proposes a Specific Alignment Plan for both Felicita Road and Hamilton Lane to establish modified pavement widths and improvements for both streets in conjunction with a traffic calming plan for the portion of Felicita Road that generally extends from Hamilton Lane south to Clarence Lane.

    Public Hearing Item 10

  • APPOINTMENT TO PLANNING COMMISSION - Request Council ratify the Mayor's appointment to fill an unscheduled vacancy on the Planning Commission, term to expire March 31, 2016.

    Current Business Item 11

  • Future Agenda