City Council Meeting - 6/17/2015

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  • Moment of Silence and Reflection

  • Pledge of Allegiance / Roll Call

  • Retirement of California District 31 Little League Administrator Larry Burch

  • Oral Communications

  • Consent Calendar

  • LIMITING LANDSCAPE IRRIGATION WITH POTABLE WATER TO TWO DAYS EACH WEEK - Request Council approve declaring that landscape irrigation with potable water within the water service area of the City of Escondido shall be limited to two days each week for no more than 10 minutes at each irrigation station.

    Consent Calendar Item 9

  • PRELIMINARY, MASTER AND PRECISE DEVELOPMENT PLAN, AND ZONE CHANGE (PHG 14-0020 AND ENV 15-0004) - Request Council approve a mixed-use development proposed by Veterans Village of San Diego (VVSD) consisting of a 54-unit affordable multi-family residential apartment project for military veterans and their families including a 1,500 SF commercial component to support training opportunities offered at the facility. The residential component includes the construction of 48 new apartment units and preservation of six existing adobe apartment units. A zone change to Planned Development-Mixed Use (PD-MU) is proposed to facilitate development of the project. The project is requesting to use the reduced parking ratios and reduce the number of covered spaces as allowed for affordable projects in conformance with the City's Density Bonus and Residential Incentives Ordinance (Article 67, Escondido Zoning Code). The project site is developed with historic Weir Bros. adobe commercial and multi-family residential structures and the adobe office structures and six-unit adobe apartment building would be retained. All other structures would be removed.

    Public Hearing Item 10

  • THE FIVE-YEAR CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM, THE FISCAL YEAR 2015/16 CIP BUDGET, AND THE TRANSNET FIVE YEAR LOCAL STREET IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM - Request Council approve adopting Fiscal Years 2015/16-2019/20 Five-Year Capital Improvement Program, Fiscal Year 2015/16 CIP Project Budgets, and approve authorizing an amendment to the 2014 Regional Transportation Improvement Plan and the Transnet Five-Year Local Street Improvement Program of Projects for Fiscal Years 2016-2020.

    Public Hearing Item 11

  • APPOINTMENTS TO THE LIBRARY BOARD OF TRUSTEES AND THE COMMUNITY SERVICES COMMISSION - Request Council ratify the Mayor's appointments to (1) fill an unscheduled vacancy on the Library Board of Trustees; term to expire March 31, 2017; and (2) fill an unscheduled vacancy on the Community Services Commission, term to expire March 31, 2016.

    Public Hearing Item 12

  • Future Agenda


  • Adjournment