City Council Meeting - 8/21/2013

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  • Moment of Silence and Reflection

  • Pledge of Allegiance / Roll Call

  • SANDAG Presentation

  • Oral Communications

  • Council Comments

  • Consent Calendar

  • AUTHORIZING SIGNS ON TRUCK ROUTES IDENTIFIED IN 2012 GENERAL PLAN - Request Council authorize the City Engineer to post signs on truck routes or streets closed to trucks with a maximum gross weight limit exceeding 10,000 lbs.

    Consent Calendar Item 6

  • PROPOSED CHANGES TO ANNUAL INVENTORY OF CITY FEES - Request Council authorize some new City fees, make changes to certain existing fees for service and delete fees for service that are no longer used.

    Current Business Item 8

  • RED LIGHT PHOTO ENFORCEMENT PROGRAM - Request Council authorize the expiration of the Red Light Photo Enforcement Program contract with RedFlex, discontinuing the program.

    Current Business Item 9

  • INDEPENDENT DISTRICTING COMMISSION BUDGET - Request Council appropriate to the Independent Districting Commission and to the City Clerk the funds necessary for the Commission to accomplish its task, including payment for an expert consultant.

    Current Business Item 10

  • PRELIMINARY CITY COUNCIL ACTION PLAN – NEIGHBORHOOD IMPROVEMENT - Request Council provide direction to staff on the proposed content of the Neighborhood Improvement Element of the 2013-2014 City Council Action Plan.

    Workshop 11

  • Future Agenda