City Council Meeting - 12/10/2014

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  • Moment of Silence and Reflection

  • Pledge of Allegiance / Roll Call

  • Oral Communications

  • Consent Calendar

  • HIRE A REGULAR FULL-TIME FIRE DIVISION CHIEF TO OVERSEE TRAINING AND THE EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES PROGRAM AND BUDGET ADJUSTMENT - Request Council approve the hiring of a Fire Division Chief to oversee Training and the Emergency Medical Services Program ("EMS") by utilizing the savings from the revised Cooperative EMS Program, savings from restructuring the Fire Prevention Bureau and savings from converting the EMS delivery service from an alternating 12/24-hour shift schedule to a 24-hour schedule.

    Consent Calendar Item 6

  • ANNUAL FINANCIAL REPORT ON CAPITAL FUNDS FUNDED BY DEVELOPER FEES PER GOVERNMENT CODE SECTION 66006 - Request Council receive and file the Annual Financial Report on Capital Funds.

    Consent Calendar Item 7

  • FISCAL YEAR 2015 CALIFORNIA GANG REDUCTION, INTERVENTION AND PREVENTION GRANT AND BUDGET ADJUSTMENT - Request Council approve accepting a CalGrip Grant in the amount of $1,500,000 from the Board of State and Community Corrections; authorize the Chief of Police or his designee to execute contract documents on behalf of the City; and approve budget adjustments needed to spend grant funds

    Consent Calendar Item 10

  • EXTENSION OF LOAN AGREEMENT FOR LAS CASITAS TRANSITIONAL HOUSING - Request Council approve extending the loan period for a 1989 Community Development Commission loan for Las Casitas Transitional Housing at 1203 S. Maple Street for an additional 15 years to December 31, 2029; authorize the Mayor and City Clerk to execute a Loan Agreement with all necessary supporting agreements in forms acceptable to the City Attorney; and authorize the forgiveness of the 2000 HOME loan for renovation of the Las Casitas units, in accordance with the agreement.

    Consent Calendar Item 12

  • AMENDMENT TO THE ZONING CODE PERTAINING TO OUTDOOR LIGHTING (AZ 14-0002) - Request Council approve the amendments to the Zoning Code Article 35, Outdoor Lighting and certify the environmental determination.

    Public Hearing Item 16

  • SHORT-FORM RENT INCREASE APPLICATION FOR GREENCREST MOBILEHOME PARK - Request Council approve the short-form rent increase application submitted by Greencrest Mobile Home Park and approve granting an increase of seventy-five percent (75%) of the change in the Consumer Price Index, or 1.823% (an average of $7.70) for the period of June 30, 2013 to June 30, 2014.

    Public Hearing Item 17

  • FINANCIAL STATUS REPORT FOR FISCAL YEAR 2013/2014 AND BUDGET ADJUSTMENT - Request Council receive and file the annual financial status report for FY 2013/2014; approve the budget adjustment that recommends using the year end General Fund surplus of $2,297,000 to fund specific department funding request totaling $551,000, to transfer $1,000,000 to the General Liability Fund Reserve; and to adopt Resolution 2014-174 which recommends transferring the remaining balance of $746,000 to the General Fund Reserve bringing the year-end Reserve balance to $17,319,659. (continued from November 19, 2014)

    Current Business Item 18

  • AD HOC COMMITTEE RECRUITMENT - Request Council approve the creation of a Mayoral appointed Ad Hoc Committee to assist and provide feedback to the City Manager related to the recruitment process of hiring an Assistant City Manager

    Current Business Item 19

  • REVIEW AND UPDATE OF CURRENT COUNCIL SUBCOMMITTEE MEMBER ASSIGNMENTS - Request Council make determinations and ratify members to serve on the Council/Mayoral appointed subcommittees per the attached listing.

    Current Business Item 20


  • Adjournment