City Council Meeting - 5/22/2013

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  • Moment of Silence and Reflection

  • Pledge of Allegiance / Roll Call

  • Report from Closed Session

  • Maple Street Awards

  • National Public Works Week

  • 2013 San Diego Saves Day

  • Del Mar Fairgrounds

  • Oral Communications

  • Council Members' Reports/Briefing

  • Consent Calendar

  • SIGNAGE PROPOSAL (WARNING OF HEAT DANGER) - Discussion regarding signage proposal for City Parks in regards to warning people about the dangers of leaving pets and children in cars during warm months.

    Consent Calendar Item 4

  • AWARD CONSULTING AGREEMENT FOR CONDITION ASSESSMENT OF LIFT STATION 1 - Request Council authorize the Mayor and City Clerk to execute a Consulting Agreement with Brown and Caldwell for the Condition Assessment of Lift Station #1 and Force Main in the amount of $286,426.

    Consent Calendar Item 5

  • BID AWARD FOR THE RESERVOIR REPAINTING 2013 PROJECT (REBID) - Request Council authorize the Mayor and City Clerk to execute an agreement with Blastco Inc. in the amount of $71,213 for the "Reservoir Repainting 2013" project

    Consent Calendar Item 6

  • LEASE AGREEMENT WITH HERITAGE DIGITAL ACADEMY AT 2245 (POR.) – 2261 EAST VALLEY PARKWAY - Request Council authorize the Real Property Manager and City Clerk to execute a Lease Agreement with Heritage Digital Academy at 2245 (Por.) – 2261 East Valley Parkway.

    Current Business Item 16

  • Recess

  • FINANCIAL REPORT FOR THE QUARTER ENDING MARCH 31, 2013 - Request Council receive and file the third quarter financial report for the Fiscal Year 2012-2013.

    Current Business Item 15

  • SHORT-FORM RENT INCREASE APPLICATION FOR WESTWINDS MOBILEHOME PARK LOCATED AT 1415 S. PINE STREET (FILE NO, 0697-20-9932) - Request Council consider the short-form rent increase application submitted by Westwinds Mobilehome Park; and if approved, grant an increase of seventy-five percent (75%) of the change in the Consumer Price Index, or 1.163% (an average of $4.56) for the period of December 31, 2011 to December 31, 2012.

    Public Hearing Item 14

  • BUDGET ADJUSTMENT AND MODIFICATION TO FUND BALANCE POLICY GENERAL FUND RESERVE TO TRANSFER FUNDS TO THE BUILDING MAINTENANCE OPERATING BUDGET FOR UNANTICIPATED UTILITIES AND REPAIRS TO CITY FACILITIES - Request Council approve a budget transfer from the Building Maintenance Reserve, in the amount of $380,980; and approve reducing the General Fund Reserve in the amount of $132,550 for use in the 2013 Building Maintenance Operating Budget

    Current Business Item 17

  • Council Comments