City Council Meeting - 8/14/2013

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  • Call to Order

  • Pledge of Allegiance / Roll Call

  • Food for Fines

  • Oral Communications

  • Council Comments

  • Consent Calendar

  • LONG-FORM RENT REVIEW BOARD HEARING FOR SUNDANCE MOBILEHOME PARK (Case #: 0697-20-9917) - Request Council accept the staff report, hear public testimony and determine the appropriate method and factors to utilize for calculating any resulting rent increase as well as the specific rent increase

    Public Hearing Item 5

  • PRELIMINARY CITY COUNCIL ACTION PLAN – NEIGHBORHOOD IMPROVEMENT - Request Council provide direction to staff on the proposed content of the Neighborhood Improvement Element of the 2013-2014 City Council Action Plan.

    Workshop 8

  • 2014 AMGEN TOUR OF CALIFORNIA PROPOSAL - Request Council provide direction to City Staff regarding the submission of a proposal for Escondido to participate in the 2014 Amgen Tour of California

    Current Business Item 6

  • INITIATIVE MEASURE TO AMEND THE ESCONDIDO GENERAL PLAN TO PRESERVE THE ESCONDIDO COUNTRY CLUB AND GOLF COURSE - Request Council accept the Certificate of Sufficiency and, pursuant to Section 9215 of the California Elections Code, take one of the following actions: 1. Adopt the proposed initiative at the meeting without alteration as a City ordinance, or within ten days of the meeting, 2. Submit the proposed initiative to the voters at the next General Municipal Election (November 4, 2014), 3. Order a report, pursuant to Section 9212, from any city agency or agencies on the proposed initiative's fiscal impact and effect on municipal operations. The report shall be presented to the legislative body within the time prescribed by the legislative body, but no later than 30 days after the Election Official certifies to the legislative body the sufficiency of the petition (Section 9212).

    Current Business Item 7

  • Oral Communications